This is the Home page of Tom O'Brien-Barden. This Web Site is provided as small insight into My Life and interests. - See the things I like and as the site grows, you will see that I will include (Space Permitting) things that interest me on the WEB ..... Who knows you may agree.   

This may be the last significant edit to this site until I consider the best mechanism to maintain the page going forward. Microsoft extensions are no longer supported and FrontPage is an aging application for this task. So just a quick update for now until the Spring of 2013.

I will update the whole site but specifically Astronomy page to address a specific request. The Astronomy page has all my best links to Space and Astronomy pages and provides an ideal resource for Space news and information for student and professional alike.


If you 'd like me to include any links to your favourite sites let me know and I'll consider them. - pucker sites only please!

No site is ever finished.
Web sites with any complexity, or up-to-date information, cannot ever be complete.
There will be, therefore, some ragged edges in these pages, and there are bound to be errors and omissions. Please feel free to comment on, complain about, suggest improvements to, or maybe even praise, what you find here. Your observations, and notice of errors in fact, spelling, typography, style, or layout, will be gratefully received.

This is a personal website, so your input will be read directly by the author and maintainer.  So if you have any constructive comments on my Web Page?
 Send me an email, or sign my Guest book


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